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100% solid 2-part epoxy

Our most popular product, a 100% solid 2-part epoxy finishing coat. We throw by hand color vinyl flakes on this epoxy finish to give a random uniform surface. We thus get the typical speckled design and color of your choice.

Metallic floors

If you are looking for a trendy and modern looking finish that will not only amaze your visitors, but will be innovative and practical as well. Come see our vast choice of color samples with metallic finish. These high-end products are built from 100% solid epoxy. They will give you the most original and innovative designs.

We build a fully resistant floor to 35 mils thickness in a wide array of colors.

High-end, stylish and 100% resistant to the elements. It is ideal for basements, garages, restaurants or any other business.

With Béton Solution, do away with endless repairs. Use our professional expertise, you will not regret it.

Some examples...

Paver and concrete sealer

You have invested a small fortune giving your home a prestigious look. Protect your investment and give a shine to your entrance or driveway done in paving stones. Give a coating of protection and add a brilliant sheen with our ultra-resistant industrial grade product. Our specialists will thoroughly clean your installation. They will then add 2 coats of our special sealer that will give your pavers a uniform luster that will please the eye.